Oral Surgery

Perio-plastic Surgery

Wisdom Teeth StamfordThis technique is used to restore gum recession, provide soft tissue support for implant restorations or to provide gum contouring and reshaping gum lines for esthetic reasons especially for the front teeth.

In certain situations, the gum margins could recede considerably--revealing an unsightly tooth or an implant or exposing part of the dentin causing sensitivity. This gum recession can be progressive becoming worse with time.

At times with tooth loss, there could be loss of bone and soft tissue, which could compromise the esthetic and functional needs of gum support around adjacent teeth or the implant restorations. In such situations, reconstruction of gum tissue becomes imperative.

Provided there is no periodontitis (gum disease) present, the perio-plastic surgery involves either mobilization of gum tissue from the adjacent areas, or taking gum tissue or the connective tissue from a distant area in the mouth, usually from the palate. The reconstructive procedure is completed by placing the connective tissue in the area of intent and mobilizing the gum tissue to a position where it should have been esthetically and functionally.

The procedure takes 30 minutes to an hour in the dental chair under strict sterile conditions. It can take up to 6 months to see the full results of the procedure but will make a world of difference. Post-operative instructions on how to look after the area are given, and the progress is monitored for a couple of months, until all has healed well.


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