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Judge Us by Our Work and What Our Patients Say

A picture is worth a thousand words! At Esthetique Dentistry , we take great pride in the effort, attention to detail, and quality that we put into each job that we do. We're both proud and happy to share the results with you. Take a few moments to look at the results and read what our clients say about us.


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  Wisdom Teeth Ashburn Wisdom Teeth Ashburn

  "I'm thrilled with my new smile!  I feel younger and more confident, and my friends tell me I look great! Thank you Esthetique!"  
   Before  After  
  Wisdom Teeth Ashburn Wisdom Teeth Ashburn  

"The staff at Esthetique did a wonderful job in whitening my smile with porcelain veneers. I wish I had done this year ago!"

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  Wisdom Teeth Stamford Wisdom Teeth Stamford  

"I never liked my smile due to a gap between my teeth.  But now I feel great about it! Thanks Esthetique!"

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  Dental Implants Ashburn Dental Implants Ashburn

  "What can I say? I let my teeth go, and had health issues as well as appearance issues that I ignored.  Thanks to Esthetique for opening my eyes and taking care of both my health and appearance!"  


Let us know about your experiences, and let us post them here too!


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