Before I met Dr. Talwar I did not smile at all. I felt bad about my appearance, my teeth were worn down. I lost all of my confidence and my self esteem.I started the process 4-5 years ago and today I feel great. It changed my life. I can smile with confidence. My children love my new smile. I can eat better. My confidence and self esteem is back. I feel great! - Evelyn




It was embarrassing for me to smile. I was not confident in dealing with people, always conscious of people looking at my mouth. I felt like people were staring at my missing teeth.Now I'm happy just looking in the mirror. I feel more loving; I want to hug everybody. I feel so appreciative about what I have now. I'm grateful to Dr. Talwar for the smile I have now! - Minda




I used to be self conscious of my smile especially in photographs, but after seeing Dr. Talwar and having veneers put on my front teeth  I now feel very confident with my smile. I actually love being in photographs now and get compliments on my teeth. 

Dr. Talwar has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to her! - Karen



My teeth were in bad shape before I met Dr. Talwar. I was very uncomfortable and self conscious. I was embarrassed that people would notice my smile when I would talk. I had poor self-esteem. I never realized how much it affected my life.Dr. Talwar gave me the opportunity to fix my smile. Even though it felt like a long process, it has been handled and planned out where I always felt I was making progress. I don’t think twice about smiling now. I feel more confident in myself at work. It is amazing how much of a difference it made in how I see myself.- Robin